About the Food


We only purchase fish that is of the highest quality.  We maintain relationships witha multitude of suppliers and aren’t afraid to refuse any supply that does not meet our high standards.  After the fish passes inspection it is cleaned and cut into 4 to 5 oz. portions.  Our fish inventory is replenished daily to ensure optimal freshness.


Here at Chippys, we take Potatoes very seriously.  We only use the highest grade of PEI and Ontario potatoes. They are cut fresh every morning, blanched and cooked only to order, to make sure that the chips that you get are the freshest and best tasting possible.


Chippy’s batter is renowned for its crispy light texture.  We ensure a perfect batter to fish ratio that complements the taste and texture of the fish without overwhelming it.  Chippy’s uses 2 bottles of Guiness beer in every batch of batter to add just the right flavor.


In addition to the fish that we sell, we also receive fresh prawns and scallops.  We clean and bread them here on site before freezing them (freezing improves the way that our seafood cooks in the deep fryer).  We use fresh eggs, milk, and panko bread crumbs to coat our Prawns and Scallops.